Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is always better than cure and when it comes to dental care, preventive dentistry is the best shot every individual has, at protecting their teeth. The main aim of our dental team is to help you sustain a healthy mouth and get rid of any decay and gum disease at beginning stages itself. Ideally, being proactive with dental habits might help you prevent decay altogether!

At our centre, preventive dentists recommend treatments, which can help strengthen the patient’s tooth and make sure that it does not break off. Here are a few tips we offer, based on the dental condition of each client:

  • Our team of dentists will show you the best way to brush and to floss in the right manner. Occasionally, using interdental brushes to clean between the teeth is also advisable.
  • The patient is occasionally questioned about his/her dietary intake, regular food consumption and about smoking or drinking habits, if they are present.
  • We also thoroughly check for any gum inflammation or teeth decays and make sure that any previously performed dental procedures, like fillings or crowns, are in good condition.

  • They advise patient’s to look after their teeth and gums, schedule regular appointments for cleaning and ensure that the dental problems are minimal.

Preventive dentistry for children is very crucial as habits inculcated at a young age tend to stay with them for a lifetime! Our dentists encourage routine checkups, tooth cleaning and provide simple tips to ensure good oral hygiene.